​​"Sky-Scrapper III"

Click on blue "Sky-Scrapper III" to open the 20 minute video story 

Segment from the ASHF  produced "The Pilot and the Bombardiers" (2014). The story of the "Sky-Scrapper" B-29's and crew members, Air Commander (Pilot)  Capt. John Garvin and the 2 Bombardiers who served with him,  Lt. Henry Miller and 1st Lt. Bob Maloy.      ASHF Video

   After the dramatic destruction of the first two "Sky-Scrapper'" B-29's, the crew takes delivery of "Sky-Scrapper III" in March 1945 and commence flying the most devastating bombing missions against Japan during WWII.

   The B-29 Wings in the Marianas are operating at full "Maximum Effort" to stop Japan's ability to wage war. The video story of "Sky-Scrapper III" outlines their participation in the historic fire raids of March 1945 and a few of the dramatic back-to-back missions flown that spring and summer.

   The "Sky-Scrapper" crew members successfully complete their 35 missions a few weeks before Japan surrenders.

   Their Air Commander, Capt. John Garvin, goes home in August 1945.

However, little did he know..... he wasn't done flying "Sky-Scrapper III" yet!