ASHF has developed some of its outreach efforts based on the history of the 3 B-29's known as "Sky-Scrapper" that were the cause of the Foundation coming to be.  

In the late 1930's John Garvin, who would become the "Sky-Scrapper" Air Commander in WWII, worked for The Guaranty Trust Bank in New York City while he attended NYU at night. Working as a bank clerk and coupon clipper, he made an indelible impression on his employers when he left the bank for Army service in 1940. He stayed in contact with his friends and supervisors.

 After Pearl Harbor, Guaranty Trust employees became very active in successful war bond drives. The bank established a "War Effort Committee" which assigned groups of employees with specific tasks to assist efforts needed by services like the Red Cross. Employees (all women) came to work before their shift or stayed late after their normal hours to make surgical dressings, knit blankets, sweaters and socks.  They sought donations of books and magazines for hospitals and service centers for the soldiers to read.  Their efforts were recognized by the many services and military branches they assisted. 

After a spectacular Guaranty Trust  staff subscription purchase of war bonds in mid 1944, the War Finance Committee of the Treasury Dept. used the funds to "buy" a B-29 and recognized it as being paid for by the employees of Guaranty Trust Company. Their former employee, who was now USAAF Pilot Lt. John Garvin, became the proud Air Commander of that B-29 designated as being bought by the bank employee efforts. 

A new B-29 that had just arrived at his deployment base in Herrington, Kansas assigned to his crew was to have the unique distinction of the Guaranty Trust sponsorship.

The bank also held a contest to name the B-29. Bank accounts for the crew were opened with an initial $15.00 deposited in each. Garvin wrote updates to the bank for its newsletter from Saipan. That soon became awkward given news censorship of the B-29 operations and what was to happen to the first "Sky-Scrapper". That B-29,  wearing its proud new Treasury marker declaring the unique purchase, was destroyed during a base attack on Saipan three weeks after arriving on the war front. It never flew a mission. (see "Sky-Scrapper" in the Tributes section for the full story)

Though the two "Sky-Scrapper's" that would replace it in the months ahead didn't have that unique marker, or claim to having been bought by Guaranty Trust, the bank and its employees followed Garvin and his crew in their newsletters throughout the war and even in a mention as late as 1963!

Outreach efforts by ASHF are modeled on the patriotism, spirit and duty  the remarkable employees at Guaranty Trust Company displayed in WWII.



3 computer stations are currently in operation at the Martinez VA hospital. The stations are dedicated to military service personnel honoring their duty and sacrifice.  ASHF Photo Archives

Charles Beckman Reading Collection Area Created By ASHF  at the Martinez VA CLC unit.     ASHF Photo Archives

  PROVIDING OUTREACH SERVICES FOR THE MARTINEZ, CA VA HOSPITAL​Since 2013, ASHF has been directly involved in providing and maintaining computer stations, Internet / Wifi access and a library for the Martinez, CA VA rehabilitation and extended care hospital.  Working with the VA Volunteer Services of the VA Northern California Health Care System:

ASHF has facilitated companies and individuals with donating wheelchair accessible tables (Multi-Table, Inc), computers, monitors, bookshelves and a constant stream of books for the patients to enjoy during their recoveries. We seek your help with the immediate and long term needs for VA hospitals and centers.

ASHF Photo Archives

Photos from Bob Maloy &  John Garvin Collections        ASHF Photo Archives


ASHF has a proven track record of outreach assistance. We need the help of individuals and companies to continue these efforts. Let us assist you, or your employer, with direct to the vets donations, sponsorships and volunteer opportunities. We can show you lasting ways to honor your loved ones who served, or are now active in the military. Our Foundation also welcomes your tax deductible donations to ASHF  to cover the basic expenses this work demands.

Contact us at:

A Square Heroes Foundation 

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Restored drawing   Sid Bolin Collection  ASHF Photo Archives

John Garvin Collection  ASHF Photo Archives

Unrestored scan of a 1944 drawing made by ASHF Board member Sid Bolin while flying a mission at his Left Gunner B-29 position    

Sid Bolin Collection  ASHF Photo Archives

​​We work with families identifying photos and restoring their critical records of personal histories before they are lost forever. Today's technology can allow the simplest scanner and current software to digitally preserve and restore documents and photos. Below are examples of what ASHF Board members and ASHF volunteers have been able to do the last 3 years to insure these invaluable items can be shared indefinitely.


Pratt Kansas Tribune May 31, 2014:

Mark Maloy, President of A Squares Heroes Foundation, presented an extremely rare color picture of “Waddys Wagon” tail number A Box 5, to the B-29 Museum. Crew member Paul Garrision’s family made the donation in his honor. The B-29 tail number was a letter followed by a square box and a number. No matter what the men could remember after 70 years, they all remembered their plane tail number.

Full article:


ASHF was begun due to research and discoveries regarding stories involving the crew of a B-29.     Because of that effort, we were able to expand our capabilities and continue our mission with the preservation and sharing of personal histories.  Our motto in this work is:  

                                                           "Remembering Those Who Serve"

Our website "Tributes", "Archive" and video collection will show the results of some of this work as it grows. They will offer examples of the varied crews, individuals and service branches we honor. Our preservation outreach has sometimes provided unique and important discoveries of information and photos the families we work with have. ASHF works to get these materials to where they need to be - for example:

Below are ASHF Board members Mark Maloy and WWII B-29 gunner Jean Allen presenting rare photographs to the B-29 Museum at Pratt, KS in 2014. 

Jean Allen flew with the alternate crew of the B-29 "Waddy's Wagon" in WWII which we were honoring that day by facilitating photo restorations and donation from a "Waddy's Wagon" crew family to the new museum. The crew had trained at that base in 1944 where the museum now is.    

    (see photos and news article below)